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It’s time for you to position your destiny in your own hands. You should not gwait any longer for loans from venture capitalists and angel investors. Lenders are defending their own interest, which will place you into further slavery, to serve them in exchange for the money they will lend you. You don’t need this.

There is a lot of people in the diaspora with money and knowledge, who can put their heads together with yours, to help you build a multi-million dollar corporation or businesses, to serve the people and create jobs.

With the world’s population growing, now you can start your own business in your area, such as a gas station, supermarket, laundromat, apartment building and franchise such as 7/11, etc… You can finally start any biz you want!



This is not something that you can do by yourself, many people need to get together, to help you come up with the capital to start your own business.

Imagine helping us build an airline company that costs $50 million to start flying… $50 million is a capital amount that could be easily raised.


How many people would you need to raise $50 million?

You would need only 6250 people, assuming each person put in $8000. Yes, 6250 members @ $8000/each = $50 million. It’s that easy.

There are many people out there with $8000 looking for investment opportunities. Best of all, we have created a “MillionDollar Card” program that can help you raise big money starting with people putting in just $99, and moving them up to higher investment levels. Depending on card selected, you will be paid on different levels per card membership.


The “MillionDollar Card” compensation plan has 4 different card memberships, in a 9×4 unlimited matrix.

4 investor groups = 4 cards:


You start with – Card Membership 1 = $99 x 9 = $891
Move up to – Card Membership 2 = $500 x 81 = $4,500
Move up to – Card Membership 3 = $1500 x 729 = $1,093,500
Move up to – Card Membership 4 = $8000 x 6561 = $52,488,000

Your results may vary depending on your efforts (for illustrations only)


Q: What we are selling?
A: We are selling Debit Pay Cards. Basically you will receive 100% commission on our MillionDollar Debit PayCard Packages.


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